Baby Booties


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Adorable Baby Booties, perfect for hospital bags and first baby slippers!

These are so cute, they are hard to resist ♡

Image of Pink Car Seat Cover
Pink Car Seat Cover
Image of Unisex Double Pom Hat
Unisex Double Pom Hat
Image of Grey Cotton Cellular Blanket
Grey Cotton Cellular Blanket
Image of PRE-ORDER White Pram Nest
PRE-ORDER White Pram Nest
Image of Grey and white lace Spanish Shawl
Grey and white lace Spanish Shawl
Image of PRE-ORDER White Spanish Shawl
PRE-ORDER White Spanish Shawl
Image of Pink and Camel Lace Shawl
Pink and Camel Lace Shawl
Image of Jellycat Money Box
Jellycat Money Box
Image of Spanish Baby Bonnet
Spanish Baby Bonnet
Image of Grey Pram Nest
Grey Pram Nest
Image of Blue Pram Nest
Blue Pram Nest
Image of Pink Spanish Pram Nest
Pink Spanish Pram Nest
Image of Spanish Pram Bag
Spanish Pram Bag
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